Alpha Xi Delta

Alpha Kappa at Kansas State University

Why Alpha Xi Delta?

Realize Your Potential. Alpha Xi Delta members across the country are called to action by our vision, and you can be too. Your Alpha Xi Delta Sisters will welcome you, support you and encourage you to be your best in every way.

During college, Alpha Xi Delta will be your home away from home and provide you with the inspiration you need to excel. Our Sisterhood will help you explore your strengths and expand your horizons while enabling you to serve your community, learn life lessons not taught in the classroom, enjoy social events and build genuine, life-long friendships.

After graduation, you can rely on your Alpha Xi Delta affiliation with bold and talented women to help you transition into the “real world” – start your career start your family, start another chapter in your life!

Alpha Xi Delta is inspiration. Find out how we will inspire you!

Here are a couple of testimonies from current members!

Little did I know how much Alpha Xi Delta would change my life. I never thought of myself as a sorority girl. My mom wanted me to go through formal recruitment so badly that I finally decided why not? I figured I would try it out and just planned on finding someone who was in the same shoes as me and becoming friends and then drop. Well, that is not what happened at all. During recruitment one house stood out to me the whole week, Alpha Xi Delta. I figured I would accept the bid and try this sorority thing out and see how it goes. As the weeks carried on I fell more and more in love with Alpha Xi Delta and the amazing women it encased. As I got to know more people in the chapter, I was told how great of a leader I have become and how I should look at being involved in leadership positions. I took their advice and applied to be our intramural chair and received that position. As the day went on some of the older girls jokingly said I should be the house manager and I laughed along but next thing you know I had that position as well. House manager is a fairly big position, especially for a freshman to take but I rose to the challenge. I got the amazing opportunity to move into our chapter house as a second-semester freshman due to a few of the women studying abroad in the spring. I fell in love with it. I developed amazing bonds with the upperclassmen and made some memories I will never forget. Along the way of my experience in Alpha Xi Delta, I met some amazing women. During recruitment, I met a person who I did not know would impact my life so much. Out of sheer luck, I got talked with Sam Ptacek three times that week. We immediately hit it off and now I am lucky enough to call her my Big and my best friend. By taking the leap and joining Alpha Xi Delta I have been exposed to many amazing leadership opportunities and have met the women who will be standing next to me on the altar on my wedding day. Alpha Xi Delta has truly changed my life. I cannot imagine where I would be if I had not joined this amazing chapter. I am so excited to see where your journey takes all of you and I truly hope by sharing my experiences with you that you feel confident in your choice and find your home away from home. 

-Ady Edwards, junior