Alpha Xi Delta

Alpha Kappa at Kansas State University

New Member Program

We strive to bring women into our Sisterhood who are going to be leaders, contributors and a Sister in every sense of the word. Real Merit and Worth: The New Member Program was designed with this in mind – enhancing leadership skills, setting goals, understanding who Alpha Xi Delta is at her core and providing opportunities for our newest members to create deep, meaningful relationships with each other, the chapter and our national organization. When you join Alpha Xi Delta you will discover who you really are, all with the help of your Sisters.

From Bid Day to initiation, being a new member can be anything from exciting to overwhelming. We remember what it’s like to be confused about what being in a sorority means. The ten-week new member program at Alpha Xi Delta is implemented in order to make the transition from a new member to active sister as easy as possible. The program will not only facilitate the transition into sorority life but university life as a whole. 

Each week for the first semester, the New Member Orientation Director meets with the members of newest pledge class. At these meetings they learn about sisterhood, gain information about chapter events and rules, and engage with their new best friends.They will also learn about what it means to be an Alpha Xi and the responsibilities each member holds. These responsibilities include upholding Alpha Xi Delta ideals and standards, meeting financial obligations, pursuing personal and academic excellence and participating in chapter activities. 

During the first three weeks of new member training, the active members of Alpha Xi Delta will take the each of the new members on different outings. These outings can range from getting brunch, dinner or snacks together or other fun activities around Manhattan such as yoga classes, study dates, hiking the Konza Prairie or hammocking at Manhattan Hill. The active members love showing our new members around Manhattan and sharing their experiences at K-State and Alpha Xi.

On the third week of the program, big/little sister reveal will take place. Big sisters will serve primarily as mentors for the new members and will guide them along with the New Member Orientation Director during the semester. 

Initiation for the new members will take place on the sixth week of the training program and four additional meetings following initiation, making the entire program ten weeks long.

Each fall, Alpha Xi Delta hosts a new member retreat overnight at the house or an external venue. This allows the new members to bond and foster new friendships and connections within the chapter. During the retreat, the new members are served dinner and snacks, watch movies and participate in fun team building activities with one another. The women of Alpha Xi Delta continuously strive to better our chapter. We are thrilled to recruit new women who will move us forward in our mission. 

 New Member Orientation Director