Alpha Xi Delta

Alpha Kappa at Kansas State University

New Member Program

Our five-to-eight-week Bonds of Sisterhood program helps new members learn about Fraternity and chapter life and the responsibilities of membership. These responsibilities include upholding Alpha Xi Delta ideals and standards, meeting financial obligations, pursuing personal and academic excellence and participating in chapter activities. 

From Bid Day to initiation, being a new member can be anything from exciting to terrifying. All of us went through it at one point, and we remember what it’s like to be confused about what being in a sorority means. Our new member program was put in place to make the transition from new member to active Alpha Xi Delta sister as easy as possible. Every Wednesday night, the New Member Orientation Director meets with the newest pledge class. There, they learn about our sisterhood, are informed of chapter events and rules, and meet their new best friends.

To help the new members feel included in the sisterhood before initiation, many of the active members take them on different outings. These can be anything from food (ice cream, cookie bakes, grilled cheese mac and cheese) or fun activities around Manhattan such as going to Tuttle Creek, Manhattan Hill or the Konza Prairie. The active members love doing these trips because they get to show girls around Manhattan, as well as build bonds between the different pledge classes. This is also a great way for new members to meet their potential new moms in their house.

Two years ago, our chapter started an overnight retreat for the new members. It was a hit the first year, and we have decided to continue this tradition. The new members are able to have their first sleepover together (because once they move into the house, every night is a sleepover!), and it’s a great way for them to get to know each other outside of chapter dinner once a week. During the retreat, the women get lots of food, have a dance party and watch movies.

We are continuously striving to better our chapter and are so excited to recruit new women that will move us forward in our mission. Once the new members are initiated, they become active Alpha Xi Delta members, and our new member program is designed so they are ready to receive their quill and live out our values. 

Laura Rouw, New Member Orientation Director