Alpha Xi Delta

Alpha Kappa at Kansas State University

Chapter Officers

Emma Golden

Chapter President

When I joined Alpha Xi Delta as a freshman, I never anticipated the amount of joy it would bring me. I am so thankful to my sisters who consistently build me up and push me to realize my potential. I am so proud to have been chosen as Chapter President and am eager to continue leading our chapter in a positive direction!

Kate Rinehart

Member Development Vice President

I love Alpha Xi because it has truly made me realize my potential and strive to reach that potential each day. It has taught me to be courageous, to laugh, to lead and most importantly to be a sister. The women in this chapter have become my dearest friends and my biggest supporters. Thanks to them, I was encouraged to become the Member Development VP! I am constantly in awe of my sisters, their accomplishments and their ability to create joy in the simplest of tasks. I am beyond grateful for the opportunities and memories this chapter has gifted me and all that are to come, as well.

Addison Cokely

Finance and Operations Vice President

Alpha Xi Delta has brought the most amazing women into my life. I never thought that I would create such a strong bond with so many girls. AXiD is filled with the most genuine and thoughtful people and I am thankful that I now have the opportunity to lead all of them. Being an executive council member has grounded my responsibility in Alpha Xi Delta and has improved many parts of my life. I have grown so much professionally and personally over the past year and being an AXiD has influenced that growth the most. I have found my best friends and girls I genuinely love to be around at all times.

Adyson Edwards

Chapter Life Vice President

I love AXiD because it has brought me so many friendships that will last a lifetime. It has pushed me to get outside of my comfort zone and become a better leader, friend, and person.

Caroline Donatell

Communications Vice President

Alpha Xi Delta is not only the sisterhood I always wanted but it's a home away from home that has helped me throughout my college career. Our guiding principles of courage, graciousness, and peace are words and actions that I try to live by daily. I also try to use them to help me in my leadership role here at our chapter. This sisterhood is so special to me and so many others, these are just a few reasons why I am so proud to be an Alpha Xi Delta. This chapter has gifted me with life-long friendships, women that are always by my side, and sisters that push you to realize your fullest potential and so much more. I could not imagine my college career or life without this amazing chapter.

Savannah Otto

Panhellenic Delegate

I came to Kansas State from Colorado not knowing anyone, after I rushed I truly found my home at Alpha Xi Delta. I was welcomed with open arms, I found amazing women who I was able to connect with. Throughout my time in Alpha Xi I’ve been supported while pushed to step outside of my comfort zone. That is what led me to the executive board at Alpha Xi Delta. Being on the executive board I have gotten to help build our chapter, nothing makes me happier than seeing the other women around thrive and that is what I see in Alpha Xi. I am so thankful to be in this sisterhood.

Neeley Bowden

Philanthropy Vice President

I love Alpha Xi Delta because of the amazing opportunities it has given me. I've had the chance to lead a very passionate group of women in developing our philanthropy and community service efforts. I've been able to travel with my fellow executive council to develop our skills as leaders. Most importantly, I have made friends for life that I know will never hesitate to provide support when I need it.

Jaclyn Schulte

Membership Vice President

What I love about AXiD is how inviting and welcoming it has been since day one. Since I was a PNM going through recruitment I have always felt that the women in this house have genuinely wanted to get to know me, and continue to care for me as time goes on. Being surrounded by ladies who are so caring, fun, loving, and uniquely themselves is what makes being in a sorority house so worth it. You never know the people you will meet when you go to college and I am so thankful for the people I've met and experiences I've had because of Alpha Xi Delta!